Organizations which sign on as Center Affiliates, fund, drive, and shape the shared research portfolio of the Center. Affiliates work cooperatively as a group to advance their common interests and are best positioned to continuously and effectively reap the benefits of research outcomes from the shared portfolio. As such they are then ideally positioned to transfer the results to their own efforts and initiate leveraged projects which stem from shared portfolio project results but meet their specific needs.

CITeR Affiliate Organizations


Center affiliates exclusively participate in twice yearly (spring and fall) Center meetings to finalize and approve new projects and to receive updates on the status of the ongoing research of the Center. Affiliate organizations appoint a representative(s) to oversee their interests in the Center’s activities. Up to four affiliate representatives can attend center meetings. Affiliate representatives report back to their organizations on advances that can enhance existing efforts in their organizations or lead to the development of new ones. Through our feedback process to faculty research teams, affiliates can recommend directions in ongoing projects that better align their projected outcomes to their needs. Interested affiliates also can mentor projects which they feel are highly relevant to their organizations. In this capacity of Project Monitor, an affiliate works closely with the faculty and students to provide their organization’s perspective to the work, keep the project on target, and represent the Affiliate Advisory Board interests.

  • Access to students involved in center research
  • Cost effective, highly leveraged research
  • Access to interdisciplinary faculty teams spanning health sciences, the basic and computing sciences & engineering to address cross-cutting biometric & credibility assessment system challenge
  • Access to a broad spectrum of research labs (e.g. biomedical, computing, imaging, photonics, biometric systems, software engineering & wireless communication )
  • Advanced copies of research technology transfer licensing
  • Access to future customers
  • Semiannual Advisory Board meetings
  • Window onto important new results & technologies
  • Teaming opportunities on proposals in response to government funding initiatives