Spring 2023 Program Review and Biometric Workshop – Martigny, Switzerland

April 18th & 19th
EAB and CITeR Biometrics Workshop
Hosted by the Idiap Research Institute in Martigny, Switzerland, the European Association for Biometrics (EAB) and the Center for Identification Technology Research (CITeR) will present a two day workshop on the topics of Bias mitigation, Template Security, Presentation Attack Detection and Deepfakes. The workshop is open to all; please note this will be a separate registration process from the CITeR Program Review. Details, including registration: https://eab.org/events/program/312

Evening of April 18th – Demo and poster session for all – EAB, TReSPAsS and PRIMA and CITeR – members from organizations come together for an evening event. Please check back for further information.

April 20th & 21st
CITeR Spring 2023 Program Review
Hosted by Idiap in Martigny, Switzerland.  CITeR researchers, students and Affiliate members gather for the research program review. This is a closed research review for members of the CITeR community. If you have interest in attending as a guest of CITeR, please reach out to lholsopp@clarkson.edu

The CITeR community would like to thank our host, the Idiap Research Institute and the Government of Valais for sponsorship that helped the CITeR Spring 2023 CITeR Program Review to take place in Switzerland.

Valais area information

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