Clarkson University Keystroke Dataset II

This Clarkson II keystroke dataset was recorded in a user’s natural setting, thus is completely uncontrolled. The user may have used a desktop computer on campus or their own laptop. The dataset has been cleaned up to remove PII information. As a result, there are 101 data files one for each user. Each data file has three columns, from left to right: timestamp when a key is pressed or released, indicator of key press/release (1/0), and a key code. Note that the timestamp is measured in  a unit of  100 nanosecond (10 to the power of -7 second).Christopher Murphy, Jiaju Huang, Daqing Hou, Stephanie Schuckers:

Shared dataset on natural human-computer interaction to support continuous authentication research. IJCB 2017: 525-530 Jiaju Huang, Bryan Klee, Daniel Schuckers, Daqing Hou, Stephanie Schuckers:

Removing Personally Identifiable Information from Shared Dataset for Keystroke Authentication Research. ISBA 2019: 1-7