Face Dataset

Frontal images are collected indoor in a controlled scenarios, with uncluttered, white background. The subject is positioned at 2 meters from the camera. They are directed to look into the camera; no emotions are specified; eyeglasses are not removed. The only light used is that from the ceiling, ambient “office” lighting.

A SONY EVI D 30/31, using IC Standard Capture software captures the image. The size of the images is 1.26 MB, 576×768×3 or 900 KB, 480×640×3. There are two situations: using zoom in, the subject is framed from shoulders to top of the head or until face (from chin to hair) fits into the picture window. The subject is asked to stand up and sit back down again until the face is captured five times.

Examples of face images:

face3 face2 face1