Iris Dataset

OKI IRISPASS-h handheld device is used to capture the image of the iris. The user is asked to hold the device away from one eye (at a distance eyeglasses would be away from the face) while covering the other eye with the hand; the covered eye must remain open, so that the pictured eye does not squint. The user should be able to see all sides of the green box displayed on the screen of the biometric device. The software used is provided by the constructor of the biometric scanner. The size of the iris picture is 302 KB, 480×640 and 2 KB for the .log file that contains the setup parameters of the biometric scanner. Four images of each eye are taken during one session. At the discretion of the volunteer more data samples were acquired when subjectively was determined that the quality of the image was poor.

Examples of iris images:

iris1 iris2 iris3