Multimodal Biometric Dataset Collection, BIOMDATA, Release 2

Data Release Information

Dataset records are made available to researchers only after the receipt and acceptance of a completed and signed Database Release Agreement

Data Release Protocol (broken link)

Please submit requests for the dataset unless otherwise indicated:

Second release of the biometric dataset collection contains image and video files for the following modalities:

  • Iris
  • Face
  • Face video and voice
  • Fingerprint
  • Hand geometry
  • Palmprint

The dataset also includes soft biometrics such as height and weight, for subjects of different age, ethnicity and gender with variable number of sessions/subject.

Biometric modality Device Nr. of subjects Nr. of files
Iris Irispass 72 763 bmp,763 log
Fingerprint CrossMatch 71 1066 bmp
SecuGen 71 4327 bmp
Precise Biometrics 71 1062 bmp
Palmprint HP ScanJet 71 311 bmp
Hand geometry HandKey II 71 320 jpg, 320 txt
Face video and voice Sony DCR-VX2100 71 307 avi
Face EVI-D30/31 70 306 bmp

POLICY: Due to privacy issues related to identifying individuals, face data is not made available in combination with other subset of modalities, only as a single subset.

When using biometric collection, please cite: S. Crihalmeanu, A. Ross, S. Schuckers, L. Hornak, A Protocol for Multibiometric Data Acquisition, Storage and Dissemination, Technical Report, WVU, Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, 2007