Off Axis/Angle Iris Dataset, Release 1

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Off axis/angle iris dataset contains images collected with two cameras, a Sony Cyber Shot DSC F717 and a black and white, monochrome camera. The angles are as accurate as the subject can hold their eye in position. The Sony camera was used in infrared mode, called night vision. However, while the camera was still in night vision mode, it still used all three RGB sensor data hence the green hue to the images.

Device Sony Cyber ShotDSC F717 Monochrome Camera
# of Sessions 1 1
# of Subjects 19 73
Eye Left & Right Left & Right
Gaze Direction (angle in degrees) 0,15,30 0,15,30,0
# of Files 268 597
Image Type JPG, TIF BMP
Spectrum Infrared mode (night vision) Visible mode
Distance Eye-camera ~4 inches ~4 inches
Illumination Ceiling, ambient office lighting Ceiling, ambient office lighting
Location Indoor Indoor


Examples of iris images:

offaxis8 offaxis7 offaxis6 offaxis5 offaxis4 offaxis3 offaxis2 offaxis1